‘Facebook for Machines’ – The Rise of the Machine Connected Supply Chain

In October 2013 I was fortunate to get an invite from Cisco to attend their ‘Internet of Things’ World Forum in Barcelona. The Internet of Things is going to herald the introduction of the fourth industrial revolution and Cisco, SAP, Oracle, GE and many other tech and industrial companies want to be part of this […]

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How the Internet of Things will Provide Fuel for Future Digital Supply Chains

In an earlier blog post I described how future business environments will be more tightly integrated with information flowing from EIM, B2B and IoT based platforms. I outlined how information can be broadly split into structured and unstructured information flows and for this blog entry I just wanted to expand on some of those initial […]

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Bringing it Altogether – EIM, B2B and IoT

This is my first blog writing for OpenText. OpenText I hear you say, have you changed companies?, well yes, GXS was acquired by OpenText on 16th January. Now you can read about the acquisition HERE and I don’t really need to cover this in any more detail but I am very positive for the future. Not just for myself […]

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