About Me

Mark Morley – Manufacturing Industry Marketing Professional

I currently lead industry marketing for the manufacturing sector at OpenText.  In this role I have a focus on automotive, high tech and the industrial sectors. I also define the go-to-market strategy and thought leadership for applying B2B e-commerce and integration solutions within these sectors.

Mark MorleyI have over 20 years experience of working with companies in the manufacturing sector. I have worked on a number of B2B projects including helping companies expand their B2B capabilities into emerging markets, looking at how divested operations can benefit from using outsourced B2B platforms, managing supply chain disruptions and looking at how companies can benefit from integrating ERP and B2B systems. More recently I have been looking at how companies can improve their supply chain activities via Cloud based B2B integration services and how the ‘Internet of Things’ can be applied to a supply chain environment. I also frequently speak about improving the efficiency of manufacturing supply chains and strategies for managing offshore manufacturing operations and he is often quoted in trade and industry publications.

As part of my role I work closely with the industry organisations, for example Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and Odette in the automotive sector and I participate in the EDIFICE high tech industry association in Europe. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work across a diverse range of manufacturing companies including Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren F1 Race Team, BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Canon.

Prior to joining OpenText, I worked for the National B2B Centre in the UK, a government- funded organisation which helped small-to-medium-sized companies adopt all aspects of B2B technology. As part of his work at the National B2B Centre, I was actively involved with projects at the International Automotive Research Centre which was driving improvement initiatives across Jaguar Land Rover. I also spent 10 years with PTC, a provider of product lifecycle management software solutions, where I held a number of senior positions in Technical Presales and International Marketing.

aboutme1I live in Wokingham, UK, I have a Master of Science degree in Computer Aided Engineering from Cranfield University and Master of Business Administration degree from Warwick Business School. For my MBA dissertation I devised a business plan for a UK based space rocket business, Starchaser Industries, to enter the emerging space tourism industry.

Throughout this website you will find various ways to follow me on my social media channels but the about.me profile shown to the left provides a single point of entry into all of my social media sites.  My about.me profile also provides an opportunity to connect with me or contact me directly via email.

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    • Hi Michael, good to hear from you. Wanted to apologise for the delayed response, I was just clearing out the emails in my WP account and spotted your email. You may or may not remember that you kindly took myself and a colleague Jon Boyce out in your 6R4. I may well have a CV logo but would have to look through some archived files to fine it. Let me know if you are still looking for this and I will try and get this across to you. Thanks, Mark

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