innovationOver my career I have been involved with a variety of different projects, many of which were industry leading and innovative in nature.  From managing motorsport related sponsorship programs through to developing a global network of executive briefing centres, I have been in the fortunate position of managing projects that have contributed towards brand awareness, technical innovation and of course being directly associated with new business opportunities for the companies concerned.

Being self motivated and having a technical and inquisitive mind I have always tried to push the boundaries in terms of undertaking projects.  One of the key drivers for me being able to achieve my best at everything I do was acquired during my short time at McLaren, the Formula One Race Team.  Having a behind the scenes look at how a modern Formula One Race Team operates has been instrumental in terms of how I have delivered projects over the last few years.

I guess I have been known to spend 80% of my time trying to perfect the remaining 20% of a project and this desire for perfection and high quality was instilled into me during my time at McLaren.  Their constant drive for perfection and winning as a team has resonated in nearly every project I have undertaken since I left the team in late 1999.



Whilst working for global software and services companies over the past decade I have had to manage global projects and work as part of cross functional marketing and sales teams in order to deliver these projects.

This area of the site highlights some of these projects and I have grouped them via company shown in the Projects pull down menu.

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